We Believe 

The human, social and environmental challenges we face in our communities and around the world are of our own creation. And because we created them, we know we can fix them. 
We have the power, as individuals and as a global community, to shape the world we live in. And this takes the right leadership.

 Our Why 

We see the challenges of our time as a call for leadership. GoodCitizen was founded in response to this call.
We know we can build a better tomorrow.
It's time, let's go.

 Operating Principles

Our Work Matters

Practical Optimism

The Power of Connectivity

A Culture of Respect

Guiding with the Truth

Organic Growth

 Our Journey 

We draw inspiration daily from mission-driven leaders:

those who came before, those who are leading today, those who will lead tomorrow.

Staff Picks: Leadership Voices

“If you want to do something you have to imagine it, if you don't imagine it, it will never happen. ”

Muhammad Yunus

Microfinance Pioneer and Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

Leadership for mission-driven organizations

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