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About Rapid Results Institute

Rapid Results Institute (RRI) is a nonprofit that facilitates social impact and systemic change. The dedicated team is driven by the belief that impact at scale can happen when people closest to societal problems are connected to their peers to find solutions. RRI facilitates 100-Day Challenges to bring people together to achieve an audaciously ambitious goal in 100 days, on issues ranging from housing young people to improving the way the justice system operates to securing better health care for the elderly and vulnerable groups. These are big, systemic issues that typically go beyond single organizations and that require a broader coordinated system approach to change. 

Rapid Results Institute was founded in 2013 by Nadim Matta, a global development leader and acknowledged expert in the 100-Day Challenges methodology. After leading this work in the private sector for many years, Nadim and his colleagues at Schaffer Consulting created RRI with the belief that the methodology could drive significant and impactful positive change to a variety of complex, global, societal issues. Since then, RRI’s 100-Day Challenge methodology has been successfully catalyzing change efforts across issues and geographies, with successful government and community projects in more than 20 countries including the US, Mexico, the UK, the UAE, Kenya, South Africa,  and several other African countries.

The 100-Day Challenge Methodology

The RRI team advises leaders on how to scope challenges and assemble and motivate front-line teams to tackle them. They design workshops, facilitate team discussions to set short term goals and develop innovative plans to achieve these goals. They continue to support these teams as they pursue their goals and plans. The success of a 100-Day Challenge can lead to profound shifts in how individuals and organizations in the system interact with one another beyond the 100 days to bring systemic  change, including shifts in power dynamics.  

Currently, the organization is deeply engaged in two multi-year efforts in the sectors of youth homelessness in the US and justice system reform in Mexico, with the intention of bringing about short-term results AND long-term system change. During COVID the approach has been successfully translated into a virtual delivery model with teams launched, 100-Day goals set, and results achieved without the customary in-person workshops or meetings. Virtual delivery opens up opportunities to bring this work to new issues, more places, and more people, particularly those who have been marginalized.

The Culture 

The close-knit, global and multicultural team has created a supportive and inclusive culture by upholding the core values of trust, integrity, impact, collaboration, and diversity in their interactions with one another and in their work. They share a true passion for catalyzing social change to make the world a better place. The attitudes and behaviors that naturally emerge in 100-Day Challenges are characteristics the team strives to practice every day: respect and engagement of all levels, embrace of diversity, inclusive decision making, distributed leadership, bias for action, rapid experimentation, results orientation, and all-in collaboration.

The Opportunity

The next CEO of RRI will lead the exciting challenge of taking the RRI magic to scale and making it available in a variety of forms to systems seeking to expand their capacity to achieve better results. This is also an opportunity for an entrepreneurial individual to lead a team of passionate social change makers committed to identifying new ways to help others accelerate impact. This role succeeds the founder, who sees the organization’s strength and readiness for its next phase of growth as the right moment to transition to a new generation of leadership. The new CEO will report to a 6-7 member Board of Directors, lead a full-time international team of twenty and steward an annual operating budget of about $3 million.

Key Priorities and Responsibilities

The new Chief Executive Officer will work with the RRI team to drive, operationalize, and adapt the overall vision for RRI’s growth and responsibly steward Rapid Results staff, engagements, finances, and future direction while respecting the organization’s history, culture and mission. It will be important for the new CEO to actively engage the Board of Directors, which will include the founder,  in governance and strategy, and deploy their strengths and interests to the organization’s greatest advantage. 

The next chief executive will be responsible for the following:

Culture and Team

  • Build a shared understanding of RRI’s  strategy and clarity about roles and specific contributions to achieving goals
  • Provide effective internal leadership and coaching; define how decisions are made and the structure for performance management and professional development 
  • Safeguard the culture and values of the organization, and ensure that the organization, its leaders, and its members continue to act from a place of authenticity and integrity, as they strive to live the organizational values in day-to-day interactions with each other and with partners.

Strategic Leadership

  • Vision: drive excitement about growing the impact of the organization that perfected a proven approach for systems-change work
  • Plan: shape, drive, and enable growth; develop a structured strategy to scale that will position RRI to broadly serve the social impact ecosystem
  • Business Model: evolve RRI’s business model to grow resources that support mission and innovation of services while ensuring a healthy balance sheet

Partnership Development

  • New Partnerships: proactively identify, evaluate and act on critical strategic opportunities to build and establish new partnerships with capacity to apply 100-Day Challenges to a new set of the social issues 
  • Grow Existing Partnerships: support the team in building multi-year revenue opportunities with repeatable, scalable projects on a particular problem in a particular place.
  • Non-Project Specific Funding: Work closely with the BOD to seek opportunities for collaborations, grants and investments that would allow RRI to invest in operationalizing reach and impact. 
  • Awareness: serve as a key spokesperson representing the organization with credibility and enthusiasm; leverage RRI’s history and strong reputation as a trusted partner by clearly communicating its vision and value proposition to diverse stakeholder audiences.

Operational Infrastructure

  • Invest in organizational infrastructure that supports growth and scale, such as new Financial and HR management systems  
  • Operationalize repeatable processes and proven techniques across issue areas and geographies
  • Institutionalize cross organizational learning and expertise sharing across networks and issue areas

Delivery Excellence

  • Ensure that existing projects are well managed, resourced, supported, and effectively communicated/connected to the broader organization and its goals.
  • Strengthen systems for active stewardship of projects as they evolve 
  • Support a structured, organization-wide measurement and evaluation model to capture learnings for use in refining offerings and supporting partnership  development

Ideal Candidate

RRI’s new leader is at their core an innovator and visionary who is passionate about the potential to catalyze systems change with the 100-Day Challenge methodology. 

This is a role for a force multiplier, capacity builder, and global network builder. The ideal candidate will bring fresh thinking about the types of business models that will support RRI’s next phase of growth and development. They have the business acumen to move a successful, proven methodology and delivery mechanism to a higher level of impact by building on what’s working with a structured plan for replication and scale. Managing the right level of growth and internal change, without sacrificing mission or the values-driven culture is critical. 

We are looking for an authentic, caring, genuine leader who has demonstrated the ability to make thoughtful decisions that enable a high performing team to reach new heights. Entrepreneurial while respecting what came before, adaptable and inclusive, the CEO must value team dynamics and have the confidence to make informed, fair decisions with the welcome input of other perspectives and points of view. 

Transparent, respectful communication and interpersonal skills are required to be an effective and inspiring public-facing leader for the organization on a global scale. A high level of cultural awareness, empathy, and diplomacy will allow the CEO to easily and comfortably engage with a wide variety of audiences around the world, be they frontline workers or country government leaders. 

Finally, we seek candidates with the skill and interest to develop and nurture global partnerships and hubs, who are global minded, and will actively identify ways that RRI can serve marginalized communities and populations across the globe.


Candidates should have at least ten years of senior executive leadership in a dynamic and innovative social sector organization, as a CEO, Executive, Division or  Program Director with revenue generation and operational responsibility. Experience with business development, fundraising, P&L oversight is valuable. 

A background that blends familiarity with government, nonprofit, and  for-profit institutions is ideal, as is familiarity with systems change and work in a multicultural context. Experience growing an organization, a program area, a movement or a network that builds agency in others would serve candidates for this position well. Leadership in  a revenue generating social enterprise would also be excellent preparation for this role. 

An ability to adapt and connect with people at all levels and in unfamiliar cultures, to galvanize individuals, government and foundation officials, and international development professionals will support success in this role. 

Candidates should also demonstrate a track record of managerial strength, with the ability to support and lead a high performing team that is globally distributed. 

The base salary for this position is $130,000-$170,000. This role is remote.

To Be Considered

Please submit your resume and cover letter expressing your interest in the position and fit for the role via the Become a Candidate button. Letters may be addressed to Melissa Merritt.

Active recruiting ending March 26th, 2021.

Chief Executive OfficerRapid Results InstituteRemote

RRI’s EEO Statement

The Rapid Results Institute is committed to building a diverse staff and strongly encourages applications from candidates of color, all educational backgrounds, and all gender identities. 

The search for a Chief Executive Officer is being assisted by a team from GoodCitizen: 

Melissa Merritt
Direct: 206.792.4300

Mollie Smith
Search Associate
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