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About the Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has been making grants since 1967 to help solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. The Foundation concentrates its resources on activities in education, the environment, gender equity and governance, performing arts, and philanthropy, and it makes grants to support disadvantaged communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Foundation’s assets are more than $9 billion, with annual awards of grants and gifts totaling  more than $400 million.  A fourteen-member Board of Directors provides overall direction for the Foundation.

The Foundation’s culture and approach to its work are informed by a set of guiding principles that have been collectively articulated by the staff, board and the president. The Foundation supports personal and professional development opportunities that reinforce active learning and intellectual rigor and encourage diverse perspectives and experimentation.

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About the Grantmaking, Learning, and Operations (GLO) Team

The Grantmaking, Learning, and Operations (GLO) team focuses on maximizing the impact and effectiveness of, and learning from, grantmaking at the Hewlett Foundation. The department has a unique vantage point across the organization: it partners with program teams and collaborates closely across administrative functions to facilitate the grantmaking process and achieve foundation goals. They also engage across the foundation by leading cross-organization trainings, committees, and initiatives, effectively engaging at all levels in the organization.

From developing tools and processes to implementing systems and advancing best practices through training, the GLO team plays a pivotal role in all grantmaking activities and has a valued voice in all aspects of the foundation’s work. The team designs systems to interact with grantees, manages the grant lifecycle, aggregates information, analyzes data, and shares learning and best practices. Working on every program and on every grant, the GLO team is a critical partner and respected resource in the management and implementation of program strategies, serving as thought partners and catalysts for innovation.

About the Grants Officer Position

The Grants Officer will join a team of four other Grants Officers, a Learning Officer, and the incoming Director of GLO. This position represents a unique opportunity to join one of the sector’s most innovative team structures, bringing together Grants Management and Organizational Learning.

Grants Officers in the Hewlett Foundation are respected resources, thought partners, and project leads. They partner with program teams and collaborate closely across administrative functions to facilitate the grantmaking process and achieve foundation goals. They also engage across the Foundation by leading cross-organization projects, committees and initiatives, and engage at all levels in the organization. From developing tools and processes, to implementing systems and advancing best practices, the Grants Officer plays a pivotal role in all grantmaking activities and has a valued voice in all aspects of the Foundation’s work.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Program Partnership: Each Grants Officer is paired with a specific program(s), where they are a critical partner in the foundation’s core function of grantmaking. They aim to ensure that grants practices are consistent with the Foundation’s policies and values. Grants Officers review each grant their program(s) make for accuracy and data integrity. Serving as a key partner, the Grants Officer ensures grantmaking operations are efficient and clear. Grants Officers collaborate with their programs to refine grantmaking practices, making them more streamlined, equitable and transparent. Grants Officers develop an intimate knowledge of their respective program area(s), thus allowing them to provide insights, analysis and learning to help the team as a strategic contributor.
  • Technology and Change Management: Grants Officers develop systems and tools for managing grantmaking.  Serving as a liaison to administrative teams across the Foundation, Grants Officers also play the role of system translators, ensuring that both the GLO and program perspectives are incorporated into the Foundation’s use of technology and innovation within systems and processes. Having recently transitioned to a new Salesforce grants management system, Grants Officers are supporting their program teams with technical support and best practices guidance as they navigate this systems change.
  • Advising and Training: Grants Officers focus on specific areas of expertise within the GLO portfolio of work and provide training. Ranging from knowledge sharing, forecasting and planning, and data analysis, to developing and deploying learning modules, Grants Officers actively seek ways to share their expert knowledge and create resources and tools to support the Foundation’s staff, values, culture, and goals.  This includes taking an analytical and problem-solving approach to improve how the Foundation collects, curates and uses knowledge and information about its grants and grantees. 
  • Project Management: Grants Officers lead projects of various sizes and at all levels to advance best practices and goals at the Foundation. This includes establishing a project plan, including setting scope, timeline and budget, working with consultants and vendors, and managing project teams.  As project managers, Grants Officers foster and facilitate inclusion and consensus-building, while also putting forth their own point of view and ensuring project goals are achieved.

Ideal Candidate

The Grants Officer will be motivated by a passion for the Hewlett Foundation’s work and a drive for continuous learning and improvement. They will have some experience with grantmaking, nonprofits, or philanthropy as well as experience with Salesforce or a similar Grants Management System. They will be a project manager, consultant, analyst and problem solver with exacting standards and an eye towards creativity and innovation. This role requires an individual who can balance strong attention to detail and analytical skills with an engaging, consultative, relationship-focused approach to working with people. They will have the ability to think of the big picture as well as attend to practical day-to-day operations.

Essential skills for consideration include a highly-tuned detail orientation, strategic thinking, and a process and system mindset. A successful Grants Officer will be adept at writing a scope of work, managing a project from inception to completion, and have an innate ability to prioritize and synthesize information in an analytical and systematic manner. A comfort with ambiguity and competing priorities is vital. Candidates should be exceptionally strong written and oral communicators, great listeners and instinctual information sharers.

Strong emotional intelligence is critical to the Grants Officer being able to build trust and relationships with and across teams. They will display a balance of customer service-orientation and the proactive, self-directed nature needed to identify opportunities and challenges and drive towards solutions. Characteristics that will enrich the Foundation’s culture and support success in this role include a sense of humility, innate curiosity, high integrity, a personable, can-do attitude, a proactive nature, and a desire to learn and share expertise. As an internal consultant to various teams within the Foundation, the Grants Officer will have the presence and confidence to facilitate conversations and advocate points of view, while also welcoming differing perspectives and the value that those bring.

Additional, Valued Qualifications Include:

  • Data management experience, familiarity with data systems and business process
  • Financial or business analysis skills
  • Experience in adult learning and training and in designing effective training and learning sessions
  • Experience in a consulting environment managing large scale projects
  • Well-developed facilitation and exceptional communication skills

Candidates should have a minimum of 7 years of professional work experience. A Bachelor’s Degree in a related field is preferred.

While staff are currently working remotely, the Grants Officer role will be based in Menlo Park, CA at the Foundation’s office when it reopens in what will be a hybrid work environment of three days in the office per week at a minimum.

Effective September 13, 2021, the Foundation required all staff, vendors, and visitors accessing the office to be fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Compensation and Benefits

The Hewlett Foundation is committed to providing compensation that is competitive within the philanthropic sector. We offer a generous total compensation package that emphasizes both base salary and comprehensive benefits. The salary range for this role starts at $130,738.  Offers are based on the candidate’s years of experience and our practice of maintaining salary equity within the foundation.

Hewlett EEO Statement

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation embraces the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion both internally, in our hiring process and organizational culture, and externally, in our grantmaking and related practices. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome applications from people of all backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

The search for a Grants Officer is being assisted by a team from GoodCitizen: 

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