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About Transparentem

Transparentem advances the well-being of workers and communities by exposing hard truths to those with the power to transform industries. Its goal is to eradicate human rights and environmental abuses in global supply chains. Transparentem envisions a sustainable world that is just and equitable for all workers and their communities.

A catalyst for systemic change, Transparentem spurs companies to play a critical role in remediating abuses at the worksites where they source their products. Through in-depth investigations and strategic engagement with companies, it uses corporate leverage to drive change across industries.

Transparentem investigates endemic abuses – including child labor, forced labor, and environmental degradation – that affect the health and welfare of workers and their communities. Through collective action, collaboration, and accountability, it strives to fundamentally transform industry practices and bring real, tangible justice to some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Since its founding in 2015, Transparentem has completed eight in-depth investigative projects that illuminated human rights and environmental abuses in worksites across the globe. Its projects have sparked progress for workers by accelerating remediation of pervasive issues and abuses in supply chains.  Recently, Transparentem’s investigations led to the reimbursement of millions of dollars to remedy exorbitant recruitment related fees for thousands of migrant workers; the return of more than 1,600 formerly withheld passports; access to grievance channels for workers to advocate for themselves; improvement of living and working conditions; and the roll out of new sourcing and human rights policies by companies to strengthen standards with their suppliers. It has engaged with more than 90 companies across its investigations; with more than 70% of those companies directly addressing its findings and working to develop solutions for the identified abuses. Please review Transparentem’s most recent Annual Report for more information.

The Opportunity

This is an exciting moment in Transparentem’s evolution as early success has positioned the organization to grow significantly over the next two years. Central to this growth is the Chief Program Officer (CPO), a newly created role that will guide a deeply committed and highly accomplished program team to achieve even greater impact and influence in their efforts to strengthen the wellbeing of workers and communities. This is a rare opportunity to bring a proven and highly effective model to scale to create systems change across factories, companies, industries, and countries.

Reporting to the Founder and CEO, award-winning journalist E. Benjamin Skinner, the Chief Program Officer will lead both the Investigations and Strategic Engagement Teams, integrating and coordinating the two streams of work to refine processes, centralize decision making, and increase efficiencies to allow the work to scale.

Together, the Investigations and Strategic Engagement Teams implement Transparentem’s unique approach; holistic evidence-based investigations followed by action-oriented engagement to push companies to commit and carry out recommended remediation strategies that are based on international best practices. The program team is comprised of 13+ full-time US based staff and 10+ international staff, including field investigators in countries where Transparentem conducts investigations, primarily in South and Southeast Asia.

Key Responsibilities

The Chief Program Officer will support Transparentem’s strategic growth by successfully unifying program activities, aligning the program teams, and leveraging the teams’ track record of success to take the organization to the next level of impact. As a member of the executive team, The Chief Program Officer will share responsibility for Transparentem’s overall organizational management and strategy.

Strategic Leadership

  • Work collaboratively with CEO and leadership team to identify and set organizational priorities, plans, and growth strategy.
  • Translate high-level vision into programmatic strategies, outcomes, and impact by developing a strategic roadmap for the organization’s programs and by successfully directing resources towards those priorities.
  • Provide strategic cross-functional leadership to integrate program teams and guide them to consistently assess, evaluate, and align programs to ensure they are effective, compliant, innovative, and aligned to the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities.

Program Management

  • Responsible for development, implementation, and management of all program activities including staffing, budget, impact measurement, and building a robust project pipeline.
  • Merge and oversee the Investigations and Strategic Engagement Teams; develop strong standard operating procedures, policies, and systems to increase cohesion, clarity, and internal cooperation between the two (previously separate) teams.
  • Work collaboratively with Transparentem’s Operations Team and Legal Counsel to develop operational risk management and safety strategies to ensure organizational resilience and the safety of the Investigations Team members working in the field.

People and Team Leadership

  • Lead two high-performing teams (Investigations and Strategic Engagement) and ensure effective and consistent performance management, training, staff development, retention, and recruitment.
  • Facilitate alignment and collaboration across program teams by developing and maintaining effective and efficient information and workflows; implementing systems that support collaborative program development; and building relationships between the teams to design new programs and research offerings.

Thought Leadership and External Relations

  • In partnership with the CEO and Director of Global Partnerships, lead Transparentem’s programmatic communications strategy to donors, companies, retailers, policy makers, donors, and regulators; support development of funding proposals.
  • Represent Transparentem externally with key partners and stakeholders including peer organizations, companies, potential and current donors, and government entities; identify, engage, and develop new strategic partnerships.

Ideal Candidate Profile

A Strategic Leader with a Passion for the Mission

Transparentem is seeking a new Chief Program Officer whose professional experience demonstrates a deep commitment to and passion for ending endemic human and environmental abuses. The Chief Program Officer must have clarity about the change Transparentem is trying to make in the world and a sense of deep purpose on how it will achieve its mission.

This opportunity is well suited for a pragmatic thinker who never loses sight of the big picture. A candidate who is skilled at translating purposeful vision into a strategic roadmap with actionable steps and measurable outcomes will succeed in this role. An adaptive, confident, and engaging personality, the CPO will be politically astute with a successful track record delivering impact. They are known for their ability to manage complex projects, implement operational changes, and ensure high-quality deliverables.

A Relationship Builder with Change-Management Acumen

As a member of the organization’s executive leadership team, the CPO is relationship driven and an eloquent and persuasive advocate for Transparentem’s work. The ideal candidate leads with humility and possesses the emotional intelligence to navigate complex relationships and contexts with comfort and confidence. They are a natural diplomat with cultural competencies that support effective collaborations with people from diverse cross-sector backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

Candidates who bring a strong organizational management mindset and expertise in change-management will succeed in this role. They have demonstrated experience building clarity around decision-making in fast paced environments. They have successfully managed people and large teams; facilitating teamwork and helping individuals reach their full development potential.

A Skillful Communicator with Global Expertise

Transparentem operates in a highly technical and nuanced world of labor and human rights which is fraught with security issues, safety concerns, and abuse. The Chief Program Officer must be a transformational leader who can simultaneously take decisive action, remain calm under pressure, and make measured decisions for teams operating in challenging and high-stakes environments.

The successful candidate has successfully led multi-cultural global teams working on complex issues and has a familiarity with human rights research methodologies. They hold a working knowledge of standards, operations and human rights and environmental abuses across global supply chains.


Candidates will have a minimum of ten years of increasingly responsible leadership experience, ideally in a dynamic and growing global development or business environment. Extensive experience in program design, implementation, and fiscal management is required. Outstanding interpersonal, management, and communications skills are essential.

A professional background in, or understanding of and passion for, issues facing workers and communities throughout global supply-chains especially in the regions where Transparentem works is highly desired. Candidates who possess expertise in labor rights, child labor, modern-day slavery, or issues related to environmental sustainability will find this knowledge well utilized in this position. Familiarity with how high-risk investigations are designed and how related risks are mitigated is critical.

Based in the US, Transparentem currently conducts investigations in southern and south-east Asia, as well as other consumer-good producing regions. An individual with lived or work experience in the Global South, particularly southern or south-east Asia, will find such a background useful in this role. Candidates who have developed their experience in a global context or outside of the United States are encouraged to apply if they already have authorization to work in the U.S.

The position will be based in either New York City (Brooklyn) or Washington, DC where Transparentem has offices and enjoys a convivial team culture. Domestic and international travel is anticipated to be approximately 15%.

The salary range of the Chief Program Officer is $150,000-$200,000; relocation support will be provided.

To Be Considered

Transparentem is an equal opportunity employer and proudly values diversity. We encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply.

Please submit your resume and cover letter expressing your interest in the position and fit for the role via the Become a Candidate button below.

Chief Program OfficerTransparentemWashington DC or New York Preferred

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