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About Washington Unlimited

Our Vision:

Washington state is what we make it. Washington Unlimited is committed to making an equitable, healthy, fulfilled & purposeful life more possible for every resident. By bringing community members, leaders & stakeholders across our state together, we can create lasting & meaningful change for us all.

Who We Are

Washington Unlimited is a new organization launched by a small and growing group of passionate philanthropists and prominent civic leaders from across the state who are certain that Washington can do better to make an equitable, healthy, fulfilled and purposeful life more attainable for every resident. The initiative was created to facilitate gathering ideas from individual communities throughout Washington state, working behind the scenes to inspire participation, ensure representation of many perspectives, and organize progress towards all identified solutions.

Washington state’s advantages are many and have won praise nationally, yet the state has significant disparities in health, education, and income that are leaving many behind. Washington Unlimited believes the best path to solutions that will strengthen Washington state’s common good is to go to the source: the people living with inequities in communities across the state who understand their most pressing issues and have good insights into what will make our state work better for them and their children. The initiative is committed to lifting up this collective wisdom by forming a broad and representative coalition of the State’s residents to help identify, amplify, and prioritize these powerful, community-based solutions statewide.

Objectives of the initiative in the near term include:

  • Collaboration with parallel state-wide projects and targeted, strategic partnerships across the state
  • Encourage and spotlight community-led initiatives consistent with the mission of Washington Unlimited
  • Engagement of many more citizens, including youth, in reflecting on the current state of affairs and responding with solutions and ideas to build a better future

Longer term, Washington Unlimited sees opportunities to:

  • Create joint initiatives developed among government, business, nonprofits, and Washingtonians that offer opportunities for every citizen to have a safe, successful and productive life.
  • Play a role in public policy and advocacy
  • Enact critical elements of this initiative at the legislature with strong, statewide support

Washington Unlimited is currently a fiscally sponsored project of the Seattle Foundation.

The Director Opportunity

Washington Unlimited is formalizing its organizational structure, beginning with the recruitment of a full time Director of the statewide Coalition. This is an opportunity to lead a startup effort that has already garnered significant momentum and will ultimately have an impact across the state. The Director will report to the Initiative Board that sets vision, goals, and expectations for the organization, and be responsible for growing and harnessing the energy and activities of this expanding initiative while developing organizational capacity.

Key Priorities and Responsibilities


In addition to managing operations and determining the staffing and infrastructure of the organization, the director will lead the execution of the four key elements of Washington Unlimited’s plan:

  1. Community Engagement: the primary objective for this role is to take the lead in successfully coordinating, recruiting and facilitating the convening and engagement of a broad collection of residents statewide to frame priorities for reducing disparities and to pursue creative solutions. This work would draw on proven community engagement methodology and experts, and a Convening Committee of active, trusted and passionate community leaders who will help convene and engage with Washington residents throughout the state
  2. Coalition Building: establish, maintain and expand upon strategic partnerships to form a coalition of like-minded organizations to collaborate and share information with and to join in effective joint advocacy.
  3. Advocacy and Communications: guided by ongoing research and analysis, Washington Unlimited plans to pursue a campaign that effectively communicates and draws on the good will and creativity of residents across the state to express their aspirations and inspire them to participate in building a better future
  4. Knowledge Sharing: The organization will play a valuable role as a clearing house of sorts, curating and disseminating research-based learnings and an inventory of examples of communities and organizations that have successful projects working toward a better, fairer Washington.  

Specific responsibilities for the Director include:

  • Strategic Leadership:
    • Build the strategy and tactics necessary to achieve the desired outcomes on agreed timelines with the Coordinating Committee
    • Organize and lead meetings with the Coordinating Committee, Convening Committee, Strategic Partners
  • Operational Leadership
    • Oversee, plan and report on budgets and financial operations
    • Be responsible for maintaining compliance and legal status
    • Manage the fiscal sponsorship agreement with The Seattle Foundation
    • Hire and supervise additional necessary employees and contractors
  • Partnership Building
    • Represent Washington Unlimited to the public
    • Actively seek coordination and collaboration opportunities with other agencies, projects, businesses, and associations
  • Communications
    • Manage communications within the organization and externally
    • Oversee the research, analysis and dissemination of information
    • Manage the platforms and channels necessary to conduct and communicate the purpose, goals and status of the Washington Unlimited Initiative

Ideal Candidate

First and foremost, Washington Unlimited is looking for candidates who are passionate about catalyzing change through community action and who are advocates for advancing improved quality of life for all across the state.

As a new initiative mobilizing a growing coalition, we seek a leader who is comfortable with ambiguity, is flexible and adaptable, and able to balance inclusiveness with decisiveness. This is a role for someone who is at their best working with and through others. A natural network builder, the ideal candidate is a connector who can create opportunities for shared interests, learning, and actionable ideas. Experience building consensus and participation among a diverse group of individuals and organizations is critical.

Candidates should be authentically inclusive, transparent and accessible; not at all driven by ego; able to build trust among groups who may not typically work together; and a pragmatic optimist who can align action, morale and momentum among multiple stakeholder groups.

Exceptional communications skills are critical for success. This role requires diplomacy, clear, authentic communication delivery, as well as active listening. Candidates need the capacity to develop and deliver our message and launch and manage communications and knowledge sharing platforms and channels to effectively meet the initiative’s goals.

The Initiative Director needs to be effective in a self-driven environment, with an eye on the future and their feet on ground. The position requires attention to detail while also driving the broader vision and growth of the initiative.

Experience that will prepare candidates well for this position include:

  • Previous experience leading campaigns or an association, a community foundation, collective impact initiative, or social movement
  • Demonstrated success developing and nurturing alliances and/or coalitions of diverse stakeholders
  • Previous accountability for the operations of a growing organization, movement, or program
  • Skilled and sustained management of complex network partnerships
  • Proven participatory and inclusive leadership style that fosters trust, transparency, respectful collaboration, and accountability
  • Effective engagement of committees of high-profile influencers and groups
  • Understanding of policy landscape of Washington state

This is a remote position requiring travel across Washington State. The hiring entity is Washington Unlimited’s fiscal sponsor, The Seattle Foundation. As an equal opportunity employer, Seattle Foundation does not discriminate in employment on the basis of age, race, creed, gender, religion, marital status, veteran’s status, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. Candidates from a wide range of backgrounds who have the skills and are passionate about our work are welcome.

To Be Considered

This search is being supported by the team at GoodCitizen. Please submit your resume and cover letter expressing your interest in the position and fit for the role via the Become a Candidate button. For questions please contact Melissa Merritt or Mollie Smith. 

Initiative DirectorWashington UnlimitedRemote within Washington State

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