Equity is at the center of our vision for society.

It is fundamental to our work and to the work of the organizations we support.

Our approach leads to searches that 1) center on communities served, 2) are open and inclusive, 3) challenge bias in decision-making, and 4) embrace pay equity. These are four fundamental concepts, and each of them needs to be implemented with care, knowledge and expertise. We believe in our approach, and a natural outcome across our body of work is the advancement of diversity in social sector leadership.

We are also keenly aware that advancing diversity is a distinct concept from advancing equity, from authentically sharing power and privilege. And so in our approach, as part of our “Conversations Before We Begin” we talk openly about this distinction with our clients. Our clients are in vastly different starting places with respect to equity, with many self-admittedly early in their own understanding and not yet where they want to be.

Search projects provoke introspection, and this can be a force for good. Our society, the social sector, the field of executive search, the GoodCitizen organization, and our clients … we all have a long way to go.

As search practitioners who continually challenge ourselves and our understanding of equity, a core principle is centering honest conversations so leaders can make better decisions about work and plans, both before a search and well beyond.

A better world demands the advancement of equity, and we embrace the contributions we can make.