What our clients are working on

Provide pathways out of poverty by educating children and families.

Secure a clean and equitable energy future.

Advance reproductive health and women’s rights.

Advance the rights and opportunities of stewards of diversity.

Resilient systems for food, water and human health.

Support the global Indigenous Peoples movement.

Maximize opportunity and minimize injustice.

Inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

Develop STEM education and career pathways for underserved students.

Eliminate barriers to health and wellness for vulnerable and marginalized peoples.

Remove the burden of medical debt for individuals across America.

Drive large-scale change to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Build a more just, verdant, and peaceful world.

Develop clean, efficient transportation solutions.

Promote the health and economic well-being of women.

Build resilient systems for food, water and human health.

By the numbers

100%Of our clients are dedicated to social impact
125+Clients served in the last five years
40+Geographies served on behalf of clients

Our Values

We Partner with Purpose

We partner with organizations that are dedicated to building a better world – to advancing social justice, to fostering equitable outcomes in human potential, to sustaining our planet. We are driven by that collective purpose to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

We Center Equity

We champion and execute searches that provide professionals of all backgrounds with equitable access to social sector leadership opportunities. Equity is central to the way we operate as a team, conduct our business, and contribute to a more just and inclusive society.

We Embody Creativity

We are a dependable team of responsive problem-solvers. Focused yet flexible; collected yet creative. We know we can’t help our clients achieve lasting impact without facing complex challenges head on. We respect complexity and see it as an opportunity to advance our shared mission through creativity and innovation.

We Embrace Joy

We embrace the practical and connective power of joy by creating and maintaining the conditions we need to help each other thrive, not just persevere. There is value in working together as a team and joy in celebrating our collective success. A joyful work environment leads to better experiences for our clients, candidates, and coworkers.

We Build Trust

We value honest conversations and constructive feedback. Our clients trust us to advise them with integrity and deliver insights candidly. By fostering a culture of transparent collaboration, we help our clients make the best decisions for the communities they serve.

We Cultivate Connection

We are committed to building and sustaining authentic relationships. From our founding members to our newest team members, we value and prioritize the connections we make with both clients and candidates. Our team is uniquely positioned to help convene and grow a network of diverse social sector leaders and we embrace that role in every search.

We are a Public Benefit Corporation

GoodCitizen is organized as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) reflecting our commitments to (1) a more just, equitable society and (2) sustainability. These commitments are fundamental to our identity as a company, a team, and as individuals.