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About Global Washington

Global Washington (GlobalWA) is a Seattle-based nonprofit association that connects and convenes companies, foundations, academic institutions, and nonprofits working to improve lives in low and middle-income countries. Since its founding in 2008, GlobalWA has built a vibrant, thriving, multi-sectoral network of over 160 members, including some of the world’s most respected companies, NGOs, academic institutions, and foundations. The network aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with members working to reduce poverty and disease, increase access to health care and education, protect the environment, provide disaster relief, and strengthen economies and self-sufficiency in communities around the world.

Since its founding, the organization has achieved much of its original vision to foster Washington State’s thriving global development ecosystem. In 2023, GlobalWA introduced a new strategic plan that centers co-creation to accelerate member action and impact while continuing to facilitate convening, leveraging of resources, increasing visibility, making introductions, and sharing best practices that lead to cross cutting partnerships and innovations.

GlobalWA has been ably led for the last ten years by Executive Director Kristen Dailey, a nimble and committed full time staff of three, and a 16-member Board of Directors. It operates with an annual budget of $600,000. Visit GlobalWA to learn more about GlobalWA’s members, flagship annual conference, signature programs such as Pangea Giving and Women of the World, and monthly issue campaigns.

Role and Responsibilities

With the primary goal of implementing the mission and vision of GlobalWA, the Executive Director (ED) is a hands-on leader, directly responsible for the design, implementation, and administration of GlobalWA’s programs and member services. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the ED manages fundraising, programs, events, finance and administration, and organization development, including supervising all staff members.

The ED collaborates with staff, board, and members to develop short-and long-term work plans and programs to achieve strategic goals and to evaluate emerging opportunities in pursuit of GlobalWA’s mission. The role serves as a key spokesperson and ambassador for GlobalWA in a variety of capacities including speaking engagements, thought leadership, and participation in conferences and meetings.


First and foremost, the new Executive Director must build their understanding of Washington’s global development ecosystem while building relationships with the GlobalWA staff, board, members, and key supporters. In collaboration with the staff and board, their number one near-term priority is to execute a seamless transition of organizational leadership resulting in a successful annual conference in December, ongoing fiscal strength, the continuation of valued programs, and retention of GlobalWA’s thriving network of members.

Longer-term, a priority is to evolve GlobalWA’s business model in a way that ensures continued sustainability while at the same time supporting rather than competing with members for funding. Navigating diverse funding sources/revenue streams is essential.

Key Responsibilities include:


  • Operationalize the new strategic plan in collaboration with the Board, staff, and GlobalWA members to move this shared vision forward
  • Provide further definition and implementation of GlobalWA’s co-creation model to accelerate member action and advance GlobalWA from a learning network to a greater impact network
  • Reimagine the traditional membership and convening organization model to adapt to changes and trends in the landscape
  • Analyze complex issues and data, make sound decisions under pressure, and implement effective solutions
  • Provide clear direction, accountabilities, and support for the small yet catalytic staff including prioritizing and de-prioritizing needs as they arise 


  • Innovate the business model to provide sustainable long-term revenue for the organization without competing with members for fundraising dollars
  • Expand current funding streams and introduce diversified options over and above membership fees and grants to support scaling the team, programs, and implementation of the strategic plan

Members and Programs

  • Clearly define Global WA’s value proposition, which must balance the needs of the commercial, nonprofit, foundation, and academic sectors; very small to very large organizations; both new and established members
  • Establish metrics and surveys of member satisfaction, and Global WA’s ability to increase the impact of members’ work
  • Optimize synergies among major GlobalWA programs Women of the World and Pangea to strengthen purpose and engagement
  • Foster strong member relationships that cultivate opportunities for participation and co-creation, new initiatives, working groups, and eligibility for grants, thereby cementing GlobalWA’s indispensable role in the international development community

Stakeholder Engagement and Relationships

  • Engage and build strong working relationships with the leaders & key staff of GlobalWA member organizations
  • Super-charge engagement of the board and leverage their expertise and support
  • Build on the strategic partnerships, alliances, and base of strong working relationships with key thought leaders in sustainable global development, in Greater Seattle, across the state and region, the nation, the world
  • Develop high profile initiatives to build public awareness of GlobalWA’s work and brand, leading to new strategic partnerships and funding opportunities

The Ideal Candidate

As a member-serving network organization GlobalWA has different dynamics than a typical nonprofit. Its leader must be 100% self-driven and self-assured; comfortable and skilled with community building and stakeholder management in a global context; and able to productively and collaboratively bring disparate groups together to forge impactful relationships. Facilitating trust, building influence, and establishing partnerships is vital for GlobalWA’s success.

The ED toggles between rolling up their sleeves and leading strategy on a daily basis; they need to dive into program details and administrative tasks while also weighing decisions with the larger picture of priorities and competing demands in perspective. They need to work effectively with prominent members, utilizing their talents and skills for the betterment of the organization. The ED needs the vision to take advantage of an opportunity-rich environment with the creativity to effectively deploy limited resources.

Familiarity with the international development arena and its language is important, as is expertise in building diversified funding models in the context of nonprofit and association structures.  

We seek a proven leader who knows how to lead and grow organizations; brings energy and tenacity to build on existing relationships and forge new ones; who will be out in the community showcasing the work of GlobalWA members.

It is important that the new ED appreciates global development challenges and current trends in philanthropy, with proficiency in community-led and trust-based approaches, strategies, and practices. The new ED needs to comprehend the interdisciplinary approaches used by members to address complex issues, foster economic growth, social inclusion, and promote sustainable development worldwide.

Critical Skills

Resource Mobilizer

  • Able to deliver results with limited resources
  • Proficient in building sustainable business models and growing new revenue streams
  • Capable in fundraising, grant writing, and cultivating relationships with donors, partners, and stakeholders to secure financial support and other resources
  • Effective in budgeting, financial planning, and fiscal responsibility, ensuring the organization operates within its means and achieves financial sustainability

Excellent Communicator

  • Engaging and persuasive presence in the community
  • Strong public speaker and ambassador
  • Active listener who can accept new ideas and critical feedback from member base
  • Excellent verbal and written communication to effectively convey ideas, influence stakeholders, and represent the organization to the public, media, and the global development arena

Relationship Builder

  • Culturally competent connector and networker with a range of stakeholders across the private, public, and philanthropic sectors
  • Able to engage, respond to, and advance the interests of diverse members and donors with respect and competency navigating conflicts of opinion and approach
  • Catalyze global and strategic partnerships and alliances based on knowledge of issues core to GlobalWA mission and goals
  • Straddle building partnerships with large corporations while advocating for nonprofit members and new forms of philanthropy

Strategic Thinker

  • Big picture thinker, open to new ideas
  • Vision and decisiveness to take an organization to the next level
  • Achievement driven through collaboration and teamwork

Relevant Experience

  • Global: proximate experience of running an international NGO (small or medium size) and/or working outside of the US in low- or middle-income countries
  • Cross-sector: comfortable with the diversity of private, nonprofit, and public sectors in a global context
  • Member organization or topic-related convening organization leadership
  • Non-profit management: reported to/worked closely with a Board of Directors and effectively led a small team
  • Scale: has grown an organization to the next level; diversified and grown revenue streams; donor-facing
  • Pacific Northwest ecosystem/network

Valued Attributes

  • Enthusiasm and vision for GlobalWA’s mission
  • Humility; commitment to and practice of servant leadership
  • Strong ethics
  • Self-organized and adept with technology
  • Creator of connection and a sense of belonging
  • A builder, open to new ideas, sees opportunity and innovation
  • Nurtures growth, committed to developing other leaders and sharing the halo
  • Defines personal success in terms of the advancement and growth of members of their team and member organizations
  • Transparent, proactive, and responsive
  • Leads with influence and empathy

Location and Salary

This is a work-from-home role based in the Seattle area in order to be proximate and accessible to members and staff. The ED must be available for in person meetings and events in Seattle on a weekly basis.

The anticipated annual salary for this role is $135,000-$150,000 depending on experience.

To Be Considered

Please submit your resume and cover letter expressing your interest in the position and fit for the role via the “Become a Candidate” button.

Applicants applying by May 10th, 2024, will be given priority consideration, with the position open until filled.

Executive DirectorGlobalWA Seattle, WA

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