Martens Roc

Managing Director

Martens joined GoodCitizen from Koya Partners where he led searches and recruited leaders to CEO, Executive Director, and various executive leadership positions for a broad range of philanthropy, social justice, and nonprofit organizations. Martens also spent time at Isaacson Miller where he recruited leaders for higher education, K-12 education improvement nonprofits, and mission-driven organizations.

Martens brings over a decade of experience in education improvement working in the areas of federal policy and advocacy, research, coalition building, and K-12 student support. Through this work, he regularly engaged with civil rights, social justice, and community-based organizations. For nearly 10 years, Martens also led the recruitment, hiring, and talent development design of early-career professionals. 

Martens serves as a board member for the Esperanza Education Fund, an organization dedicated to assisting immigrant students in the capital region through college scholarships and career mentorship. He is also a mentor in the DC metro area through College Bound. 

Martens holds a master’s degree in Higher Education Management and a bachelor’s degree in History and Africana Studies, both from the University of Pittsburgh.

In his free time, Martens enjoys concerts, plays, and all things performing arts.

Areas of Expertise: Philanthropy | Education | Human Services | Social Justice | Policy & Advocacy | Equity & Culture