Tonisha Idowu

Senior Associate

Tonisha Idowu has a diverse professional background in research and logistics. As a Senior Associate Tonisha supports the team with research and client logistics. She is drawn to the work of executive search to aid in the process of strategic and careful selection of well-suited leaders and for the satisfaction of meeting each client’s specific needs. 

For several years, Tonisha has served as an Associate at Portals Global, a consulting company in the Washington, DC area. Her portfolio of skills include: market research, government contract support, stakeholder/client engagement, program coordination, logistics and operations. Prior to joining Portals, Tonisha worked for a foreign government agency as Research Assistant to the International Affairs Advisor to the Office of National Security. There, she aided various initiatives and worked along-side global leaders and decision-makers, providing support to the establishment and maintenance of national security policies and operations. Tonisha also served in the non-profit sphere as a Research Consultant for a HIV Collaborative Fund providing reports on grant-making, proposal implementation and policy adherence, working closely with their grass-root grantees in the East African and Caribbean regions. Prior to that, Tonisha spent several months in Southern India conducting field research on issues of women’s rights and inequality. In her free time, Tonisha loves traveling with her family; eating their way through whatever country they visit. 

Tonisha holds a B.A. in International Studies and Public Administration from the City University of New York.

Areas of Expertise: Global Development | Global Health | Women & Girls | Human Services